Cold Porcelain flowers

About my blog

In this age of fast growing technology, there is a need to encourage art lovers and to give them essential or at least basic tools to be able to create and go on. Some times, a person has the talent but do not know where to begin from and spending money- especially nowadays- is a  great but and blockage.

That's why in this blog I'm trying to gather all the necessary information for making Cold Porcelain and in particular Cold Porcealin flowers by using gum past/ polymer clay and... tutorials . It's just  in order to make a useful dictionary for all CP lovers in one place. This is a time consuming task and would not get even to this stage if it wasn't for all supports and advices I've received from my dear friends. So, I'm quite grateful to all of them.Please note that most of the tutorials are not mine and though I've mentioned this point in Welcome section and other parts, much better to repeat it again. Anything that belongs to me I've written next to it: I've made it or it's my work.

This is a Magnolia bonsai I've made.